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The Team at U1st Realty will help you build a property portfolio in line with your long term life goals.

We will teach you how to Invest To Be Free Through A Properly Structured Property Ownership Plan!
   We Source & Supply Affordable Quality Reliable Property Investments for You.
     We Source & Supply Proper Financial & Legal Ownership Structures to maximise your ROI.

Buying property is exciting, BUT it is also a major financial commitment with little room for error without triggering a potential major financial cost.  The right professional property advice can help ensure your journey is rewarding and most importantly, assists you from making an expensive mistake.

What We Do Best
U1st Realty is an experienced and enthusiastic team of property professionals who assist Property Owners to source and buy quality family homes and investment properties.
Our aim is to create the opportunity for our clients to secure their financial future through the acquisition of quality investment property/ies.  Purchasing an investment property is very different from buying a home to live in.  There are so many different factors to consider. That is why it is important to deal with an experienced team when considering property investment.  We also understand that each client's requirements will be different, that is why our service is focused on you and your requirements.

Let us do the work for you and save you precious time. 
We have sophisticated software that allows us to locate a property that meets your specific goals.

What we look for when we source properties for our clients:
     - High infrastructure areas that create JOBS
     - High employment opportunities means POPULATION GROWTH
     - Growth in population leads to housing shortage and STRONG DEMAND
     - Demand for property ensures good RENT RETURNS and POTENTIAL GROWTH

We have access to a substantial network of developers, builders, and stock suppliers to source new properties for our clients. These include existing homes, house and land packages, dual income property, townhouses, villas, and apartments.  We market off the plan stock in addition to existing and brand new already constructed or property suited to purchase in a Super Fund.  We concentrate mainly on new properties which have 100% tax depreciation schedules in place  (tax affective), and also which have been thoroughly scrutinised  as being prime for investment.

All the members of our team at U1st Realty are long term property investors themselves, so tap into our experience and expertise today.  
Prove for yourself our high level of customer service  we listen and then we act!
SO, What's holding you back from Investing today?

Don't Let FEAR - cause you to miss another awesome opportunity!
The best time to buy property was 20 Years ago, the second best time to buy is NOW!

Contact the Team at U1st Realty to get your investment working for you!

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Disclaimer: Risks Involved With Investing In Property

All investments involve a number of risks - including the direct investment into residential property. You should consider carefully any investment option (including the option of DOING NOTHING!) as to how it may effect your future. If any of the key risks these eventuate, your income might be lower than expected. There may even be none at all. In addition, the capital value of your investment could fall, stay stable for long periods, or it could increase in value.

Are you prepared for any eventuality?

The key risks involved with investing in property are outlined below:

  • The property purchased may not provide the income or capital gains the asset was expected to produce.
  • There is a risk that your property may, for periods of time, lie vacant and hence not generate income. Maintenance and repair costs are the investor’s responsibility and can vary, and at times be significant. Such costs are sometimes recoverable from rental bonds or under insurance policies – please choose your insurer wisely and look at the fine print carefully.
  • There are many factors that affect the general property market including:-
    • Increases in supply and falls in demand;
    • The cyclical nature of property values;
    • Increases in taxes and operating expenses;
    • Overall economic conditions;
    • Demographic changes;
    • Changes in town planning laws;
    • Casualty and condemnation losses;
    • Environmental risks;
    • Regulation on rents;
    • Detrimental new developments in the area;
    • Increases in interest rates;
    • Inflation and changes to bank funding policies.
  • Gearing increases the volatility in the value of your investment. In the early stages of residential investment, a significant fall in the property’s value may see balances fall to less than the total amount of borrowings, and may trigger the bank to demand a part payment to a set LVR ratio, or even the immediate repayment of the entire loan.
  • Increases in interest rates often increase the cost of borrowings.
  • Changes in laws or their interpretations including taxation, superannuation and corporate regulatory laws, practice and policy could have an impact on your investment.

When conducting your DUE Diligence: you should seek professional financial advice from a suitably experienced advisor!  NOT all advisors understand or Know about actually investing in actual Property/ies (many Advisors are just glorified salespeiople for shares, managed funds, property trusts - but do not know about real property investing)!

(NB:- even this risk mitigation strategy includes risk as: Qualified professionals do not take responsibility for their advice sold to you, unless you can prove negligence or fraud on their part.)