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What are your property purchase preferences?

Before recommending properties, it is essential that we understand what is important to you when investing in property (or purchasing a home), as we have access to properties and individual projects across a diverse range of product types and geographic locations, to meet varying investors and home owners' needs.

1. Off-plan or Completed? i.e. do you want to lock in the pre-release price by buying early off-plan, or if investing, are you looking for immediate tax benefits (eg. buying off-plan in the slower Brisbane market 6-12 mths off completion makes sense with the local housing cycle expected to have bottomed, or in Melbourne where stamp duty savings apply for off-plan purchases )

2. New or 'Established'? Ie.there are greater tax benefits for new property in the form of 'depreciation' but renovations can add considerable value (eg renovation of older residential property). Considerable value can be added ('manufactured' capital growth) via renovation, but this needs to be done professionally and cost effectively.

3. Yield or Capital growth? Are you 'yield focused' or are you prepared to forego yield (income) to maximise capital growth? The two can go together but generally there is a trade-off situation with properties falling into one category or the other.

4. Upswing phase or countercyclical buying? eg. Sydney is experiencing solid momentum again after 5 years of consolidation or do you prefer buying 'off-plan' in a capital city or a Regional Area - coming off the bottom of the housing cycle? Brisbane has experienced a 12mth pause after 4years of strong growth.

5. Close to home or Interstate/Overseas? Are you prepared to invest in a remote destination with appropriate due diligence conducted i.e. Stick to familiar or are you prepared to make an investment decision based on fundamentals alone. Is geographic diversification part of your investment strategy? On-site or local property management is recommended in any case.

6. Commercial unit, Resort, Apartment, Townhouse or House (in order of decreasing yield and ease of leasing/maintenance). Eg. Commercial property is generally higher yielding than a (town) house. Inner ring apartments are now appreciating as fast as houses and are easier to rent with better tax benefits.

7. Investing as an Individual or in a Trust/Company structure i.e. differing tax benefits eg. We have properties approved for investing via a Self Managed Super Fund and can assist with this process.

Once we understand your preferences, we are able to assist you with due diligence for a particular region. You are welcome review 'example properties' and to reply with your preferences, for analysis at no cost or obligation.

We look forward to better understanding your requirements so that we can be of greater assistance.

Does your Bucket list contain the...

1. Freedom to live a comfortable life
2. Freedom to travel
3. Freedom to be able to pay your bills on time
4. Freedom to educate your children (or assist with your grand children)
5. Freedom to know that your house will be paid for before you retire
6. Freedom to know when you retire, you will have at least $1 Million dollars (plus) worth of net assets to provide a wage replacement cash flow income.

If you believe any of the above Freedoms is one of your goals, give us a call any time and we will see what we can do to help you make it come true.

This is not a quick fix or an easy fix; we can help you set goals, set strategies in place that will get you moving into right direction to achieve your dreams.
We can help you acquire a balanced portfolio of properties with Capital gain and Cashflow yield in balance.

Call us today on (07) 3102 4477 or fill in the contact form and we will contact you.

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